Our top quality simple system wooden flutes are available for traditional music players at modern concert pitch (a=440Hz) and also for flute bands playing at High British Band Pitch (a=452Hz).

The flutes are made by Tony and where keys are required, they are fitted by Sophie.

Check out some great new videos of Matt Dean playing our traditional flutes here on YouTube. I have also recently added a video here of how to rebind the tenon thread on our flutes.

Traditional Simple System Flutes
We offer models in the keys of D, Low C, G, Bb, A and F (the 6 finger note) based upon the well known Pratten and Rudall Rose historic flutes. Players have the option with the Pratten model of a powerful session instrument, or the sweeter toned and slightly more responsive Rudall Rose.
Instruments are available in keyless form or with 2, 4, 6 or 8 keys as required.
We also make a flute in F +20 cents at the traditional pitch of Northumbrian Pipes for those who wish to play with these pipes.

See the Traditional Flutes Page for details on styles and temperament options and also for flutes currently available from stock.

If you would like to try one of our flutes, please contact us and we will arrange to send one out to you on approval.

Band Flutes
These flutes are available in the keys of Bb, F and a Piccolo in Eb. They are based on the well known Hawkes and Son’s Crown AZ Models although the acoustics have been modified to improve some inherent tuning problems between the lower and middle registers of these historic flutes. See the Band Flutes Page for more details.

Please contact us if you would like to try the flutes and we will arrange for a demonstration flute to be sent to you.