Links to Friends, Colleagues and Other Interesting Stuff

Baroque Bassoons - Tony and Eric Moulder's website offering baroque bassoons

Piva - The music group Tony plays with

Blast from the Past - Sophie's historic music and theatre site

Matt Dean - Matt is a great flute and whistle player based in Newcastle upon Tyne. He offers lessons for both instruments. Winner of various All Ireland and All England Fleadh playing competitions. See his site for more information. See his videos with our flutes on YouTube - Web site for Sylvain Laberge's group Bonhomme Setter based in Quebec. Sylvain kindly provided the sound files of our Pratten flute for the web site.

- Mona Lemmel's site

woodwindwords - Mona's English/German/French dictionary to translate woodwind terminology. A most usefull site. - Bedtime reading on historic temperaments - More advanced bedtime reading on historic temperaments